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After the great success of the first season of Mazda Garage, we took the idea one step further by restoring three oldtimers with the goal to participate in the most demanding vintage car rally of Europe: The European 5000.

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The Protagonists

During the course of 12 episodes, host Det Müller introduced our three new protagonists: Managing editor at Germany’s most well known automotive magazine „Autobild“ Bernd Volkens, stuntwoman, model and TV presenter Miriam Höller, and influencer Tobias Wolf. The mission: find a vintage Mazda as well as three co-drivers for each of them to participate in the European 5000.

The Restoration

As the cars we wanted to showcase at the rally are extremely rare to find, we were only able to get them in a very bad condition. The best Mazda specialists, supported by Det and our three coaches, had to make the cars ready before the beginning of the rally. This not only includes getting the motor up and running again, but also to treat them with some important style- and comfort upgrades so everybody can have a great time during the trip.

The Qualification

From over 2000 applications, 180 participants were invited to a big qualification event. They met with our three coaches, were interviewed and had to solve multiple demanding tasks during the course of one day. At the end, we selected 9 finalists to join us during the European 5000.

Bernd is looking for participants with technical knowledge.
Tobias is doing a selfie challenge. His top priority are good photos.
Miriam has petrol running through her veins. She takes her candidates on a racing track.

The Rally

The big finale of this season was taking part in the European 5000. Over 5000 km through 10 countries in 12 days – starting at the lovely Chiemsee in southern Germany, we crossed the Alps, had a stop in Monaco, enjoyed the Cote d’Azur, conquered the Pyrenees, visited Barcelona, roamed the Atlantic coast and ended in Amsterdam. It was unpredictable if our cars would make it, but we took the risk and have been rewarded with an adventure to be without equal.

The campaign was complemented by Instagram stories, Facebook postings and a landing page. My accompanying photography was also published in renowned magazines like Playboy, Autobild, Abenteuer und Reisen, der Standard, The Bold etc. as well as a feature in the Mazda owned journal „Mazda Motion“.

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