Garduino V1


Fresh herbs – with technology!

After repeatedly being frustrated about not being able to keep a simple tree of basil alive for more than a week, I was looking for a simple but effective solution to all of my kitchen problems. Too little water? Or to much? Let technology handle all of my worries!

Garduino is a modified greenhouse from IKEA. It is constructed out of powder coated steel and plexiglas and just looks beautiful in our kitchen. I drilled some holes in the bottom to install a power jack and an illuminated pushbutton, hotglued some sensors for temperature, air humidity, brightness and, most important, soil moisture. Then I put an electric pump into a water tank, installed some silicon tubings and finally hooked up an ultrasonic sensor to measure the amount of water left in the tank. And to have a neat little UI, I threw in an 128×32 OLED display. And to make everything still look beautiful, I 3D printed some custom mounts and brackets for everything in a nice sparkly PLA.

Oh wait, did I mention it also features an ESP32, can be controlled via a web GUI and saves all of the sensor data to a SQL database on my webserver? Did I say I wanted a simple solution?

As the name implies, everything is connected to an Arduino Uno. A small sketch, 5V, Bam! Basil, rosemary and, of course, coriander, the best of all plants ♥. Moisture is measured accurately, water is carefully dosed to hit the exact target I specified, and a warning mail is sent out if the water level in the tank is running low. And I can monitor all of that from everywhere with a javascript app that plots out the data from the SQL in a nice look graph in real time…

I even created a small logo for this project and made it an animated SVG, just to show some love in the details.

And you know what? My plants still died within the shortest amount of time. Fucking ungrateful little fuckers!



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