SEAT Ateca

To introduce SEAT’s first-ever SUV, the SEAT Ateca, we created a campaign that lets the customer rediscover his daily routine. We embrace and celebrate all the little things he experiences on a daily basis, like his coffee in the morning, his daily commute, or charging his mobile phone. With a lot of attention to detail, we position the car as an assistant to these tasks and help the customer to fully enjoy his unique way life, without changing it at all.

A direct mailing that pleases all senses of the beholder. Every aspect of someone’s daily routine was linked to a smart feature of the car and translated into a haptic experience, realized through different print finishes, including various surface textures, fluorescence coatings and scented paint.

We also invented the world’s smartest trial run: Catching people right in a rather unpleasant part of their daily routine, waiting at a bus station. We offered them instead to be instantly driven home in the new SEAT Ateca by a trained driver that also demonstrates all the features while driving them to their desired location.




GGH MullenLowe