Mazda Garage

Client: Mazda Motors Deutschland
Agency: SYZYGY Frankfurt

Det Müller, Cyndie Allemann and a legend from the Mazda universe: Those are the protagonists of the Mazda Garage – the first web-series by Mazda.

The number of subscribers of Mazda’s Youtube-channel has been more than tripled during the course of our 14 episodes, and we could gain up to 890.000 views per episode.

Week after week, we monitored the restoration of a Mazda Cosmo Sport, a legendary oldtimer of the 1960s, of which are only 400 specimens left world-wide. From the discovery of the wreck, the gathering of spare parts in Japan, the work of our tinsmith, painter, saddler and the assembly of all parts – it was thrilling to the very last moment. Our goal was to participate in the Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik Rallye, but time was getting short.